Welcome to the HCBS Lead Agency Review website!


The purpose of the MinnesotaHCBS.Info website is to share information about the lead agency review process, including case file review and site visit protocols as well as our findings with lead agencies.

The Lead Agency Review (LAR) Team completed Round 3 of site visits with 90 lead agencies (87 counties and three tribes) administering Home and Community Based Services programs in November 2018, which included the review of over 6,000 case files and discussions with over 1,300 lead agency staff.

The LAR team is preparing a Round 3 summary report as well as refining protocols and procedures for beginning Round 4 of Lead Agency Reviews. Information sharing will be available to lead agencies and interested stakeholders in the upcoming months. LAR site visits for Round 4 will start in spring of 2019. As summary information for Round 3 and protocols for Round 4 become available they will be posted on the Protocols and Review Elements Page including the Round Four List of Items Reviewed