DHS and State Resources


Official policy communications to inform DHS business partners, about program changes and required actions.

Community-Based Services Manual

Online manual and reference tool for lead agencies who administer HCBS.


A website designed for counties administering all DHS programs that includes manuals, performance measurement data, training resources, and I.T. systems (including SSIS and MnCHOICES).


Provides tools and information on employment, health coverage, and benefits to learn how work and benefits go together.

DSD Response Center

Phone or email connection to provide customer service for lead agencies, providers, consumers and other partners regarding technical assistance for HCBS programs.

Disability Hub MN

Statewide information, referral and assistance service to connect people to community services.


Directory of official DHS documents, forms, and instructions.

MHCP Provider Manual

Information source for MHCP coverage policies, rates and billing procedures.

DSD MMIS Resource Center/MMIS Help Desk

Provides technical assistance to counties, health plans, tribes, and DHS staff regarding MMIS.


A resource directory that strives to connect people with service providers in their communities.

Ombudsmen (LTC, DD/MH, MCO)

Regional ombudsmen work to enhance the quality of life and services for people receiving services and supports by providing advocacy and other assistance.

DHS PCA Consumer Information

A DHS website that provides a variety of information on PCA services for people receiving services, providers, and lead agencies.

Policy Quest

The Disability and Aging PolicyQuest is an automated web-based system for designated lead agency staff to submit policy questions. The public can view the responses.

Regional Resource Specialist (RRS)

A DSD staff member assigned to each county to assist with technical assistance and track lead agency needs. Email DSD.RRS@state.mn.us to contact your RRS.

Senior Linkage Line

Statewide information, referral and assistance service for seniors, caregivers, and Medicare beneficiaries.

Upcoming DSD Training Opportunities

Upcoming schedule of DHS provided training opportunities for lead agencies, providers, and other stakeholders. You can also visit our training archive to access materials from past trainings.