HCBS Monitoring and Evaluation Tools

Lead agencies are responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of the services outlined in the coordinated services and supports plan (CSSP) for individuals accessing AC, BI, CAC, CADI, DD and EW programs. DHS has created a series of tools using questions and input from national surveys and lead agency instruments. Following the completion of additional editing, development work and training materials, these monitoring and evaluation tools will be launched to collect data across all lead agencies and for all people accessing waiver programs via the electronic support plan in MnCHOICES. For lead agencies interested in utilizing these tools to monitor provider performance and ensure the support plan is helping people reach their goals, sample documents (in draft form) are being made available now.

Case manager's evaluation of a person's coordinated service and support plan (CSSP)

Case manager's evaluation of the person's provider(s)

Person's evaluation of his or her case manager

Person's evaluation of his or her coordinated service and support plan (CSSP)

Person's evaluation(s) of his or her provider(s)